The TOURA Pop Top 2023 Range

Looking for space-saving advantages, then explore the Millard Pop Top range. The Millard Pop Top provides a lower van height when the roof is down over the conventional caravan by 400mm, creating a van that is easy to stow and ready to go without the loss of any comfort or luxury. Millard Pop Tops, small package, big in value and capability.

The semi off-road Toura is Millard’s latest range, designed for families and couples looking for a feature-packed van at an affordable price. 

Built with our signature hot-dipped galvanised chassis, single-sheet roof, independent CRS suspension and aluminium frame, the Toura’s uncompromising quality makes it the ultimate companion on your family holidays. 

Centre Door Layout

Queen Bed & L-Lounge

T16-CD-Q-L-2048x938 (2)

Centre Door Layout

Queen Bed & L-Lounge


Rear Door Layout

Queen Bed & L-Lounge





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